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Revised September 2014


The Chicago Italian Beef sandwich is a fusion of fast and flavorful meets healthy.  The slow roasted, thinly sliced and secretly spiced top round of beef sandwich with Red’s crisp fresh vegetable relish and/or sweet roasted peppers (often dipped in the jus) is a much leaner alternative to the typical cheese steak sandwich.  The lean ground grilled turkey burgers owe much of their savory taste and juicy texture not to fats, but to the incorporation of sautéed vegetables. Even the most ardent fast food fans should neither object to the addition of nutrient-packed vegetables, nor miss the fat content of their usual fare.

Red's Chicago Dog consists of an all beef hot dog, with just a little of each of the following: yellow mustard, pickle, sweet relish, chopped onion, tomato and vinegar peppers.  Since we haven't found an authentic poppy seed-studded hot dog roll, poppy seeds are being added along with the celery salt, too.  Be sure to give our new chili dog a try, too.  It's an all-beef dog, with Santa Fe chili (beef and bean).  Served with cheddar cheese and chopped onion, if you please.  Red's has also added a plain dog with half an order of fries to the kids menu.


Vegetarians and Vegans will find true genius in the vegetarian chili, with a wider and more compelling array of vegetables than the usual “remove the meat and you are left with beans, peppers and onions” chili. Quinoa and beans packs the chili with protein, and no taste is left behind with the meat. Other meat-free options include salads, mac and cheese and a vegetarian pressed sandwich.

One can still indulge, of course, within reason, at Red’s.  French fry lovers do not despair: they are there. Hand cut fresh russet potatoes perfectly seasoned and crisped, are available as a side, or on the sandwich.  Italian Sausage may be added to the Italian Beef to create a traditional Chicago combo.

No fountain sodas (of any size) can be found at Red’s. Instead, options include a selection of bottled drinks chosen for their flavor, nutrient content, or organic nature.  Brands include Honesteas, Boylans, and Hint. In-house created drinks such as Red’s Red Tea, a rooibis-based herbal iced tea, Red’s Lemonade and coffee drinks will offer healthier options than typical high fructose carbonated sodas. Just fresh ingredients made into great tasting drinks.

Red’s brownies and boutique ice cream sandwiches, made with freshly made cookies, fill out the menu as a perfectly sized sweet counterpoint to your meal.